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Correct Measuring

How To Email Us a Correct Image of Your Vest or Jacket For Scaling Purposes, explained!

Unsure if your new badges or patches will fit on your vest or jacket? How do you know exactly what size badges will fit on your vest or jacket, or what is the perfect size for your vest or jacket? Here we would like to cover this mysterious topic of sizing for embroidered Rocker Patches and large Back Patch logos, and we'll be removing the mystery! Here we will advise the best way we can determine what size rockers and logo badges and patches will fit on your vest or jacket, its not a secret formula, but it does involve a very important and most helpful step from you to start the process!

We often receive questions regarding sizing of embroidered rockers and back patches. Firstly, we'd like to let you know that most of us at Wizard Patch are either active current or are ex club members. So when it comes to balance and proportion for club patch colors (ie: embroidered rockers and large back patch logos), please trust us to know what looks right, and what does not.

The most common questions that come thru to us are things like;

1. How wide can I go on my vest?

2. Will my design fit on a Large vest?

3. I have a logo I want 10 inches tall, what rocker width is best suited and will this all fit on my jacket?

4. Can you mock up my logo with a custom rocker so i can see if it will fit on my vest?

The answers we have to all of the above questions are very simple and the answer is easy to provide once we know exactly how big your vest or jacket is, and most importantly, what area we have to work with! Your club colors should be laid out and balanced so they are easy to read and look great from any distance. Remember that MC club riding down the street and you saw their back patches and thought wow they look really tight, well you have come to the right place for your badges and patches because we live for this and that is just the reaction you should get when you wear patches made by Wizard Patch.

OK, so some can be confused when it comes to what will fit on the back of their biker vests or jackets and we totally understand. So we will be able to take all the guess work out of this process, keep reading on below to learn how. 

In order for us to determine what would fit on your vest or jacket, we'd need to know the area we have to place the patches in. We need a good clean area, we need to avoid going over the edges of seams and pockets, collars or waist bands or other components of your vest or jacket. Put simply, we need a good clean area for placement of your new embroidered logo patches and badges. We call this "Field Area". 

Now, we do not have your vest in our possession, you've got it. So the next best thing is a good clear "un-distorted" image of your vest (more about this below). But how do we know how big the area is just from a photo we hear you ask? Simple, when you take a photo of your vest, we just need some form of measuring device within the frame of that photo, a rule, or tape measure of any kind, in centimetres or inches is fine (we work with both). What this allows us to do is use a special program we have here to import that image of your vest or jacket you send to us. This program has a scaling feature that will effectively give us a 1 to 1 image of your vest and we will then be able to create perfect badges in 1 to 1 format that will fit perfectly on to your vest or jacket.

What is even better still, after we make all of your artwork and plot the stitches in your new patches and badges, we will be able to supply you with a mock up render of your new patches and logo on the back of your vest or jacket. We call this a Proof of Concept or POC and it is effectively a digital exported render or artwork if you like, representing the true "to scale" sizing of your patches and badges and how they will fit on the back of your vest or jacket. We lay this image over your vest image (the picture of your vest or jacket that you initially supplied to us) and it will be all perfectly to scale. This is possible all because of that awesome image you sent us originally. 

Below is an image we have drawn which may help with further information about the angle of the photo you take.



We typically find that placing a vest or jacket on the floor and standing over it works the best because vests and jackets can be quite large, and to get the entire vest in the frame means the camera (or your phone) needs to be at least a metre away from the vest you are photographing. If the vest is on a table, then you may need a ladder or a big chair to stand that is why we recommend simply laying the vest or jacket on the floor.

We hope this information gives you enough of an idea of what constitutes a perfect vest or jacket image that we can use for scaling of your rockers and embroidered logos. But as always we are here to help so feel free to reach out to us for more information via our contact page. If you already have your perfect vest or jacket image as per the instructions above then why not send it to us before, during or immediately after you place your order and ask us to scale your patches for you. We look forward to being of service and nothing is too much trouble so feel free to reach out!

Contact us here ( you can even upload images via the "quote request option in our contact form).