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Quality, Embroidered Badges Made for Life

Posted by Paul Andrew on 19th Feb 2023

Hello All,As we move solidly into 2023 it seems every weekend is a good excuse for a ride! Who really needs an excuse anyway.The last few years has been a blur to say the least. Due to Covid in one way or the other, many of us have lost good friends and loved ones and made new friends alon …

Important - Wizard Patch Official Response to COVID-19

Posted by Paul Andrew on 25th Mar 2020

Dear Valued Customers,Firstly we would just like to assure you that it really is business "almost" as usual here. I say almost because there are many things we are doing behind the scenes to ensure all of our staff remain healthy and understand the seriousness of maintaining a healthy working enviro …


Posted by Samantha R. on 17th Mar 2020

Dear Valued Customers,LATEST UPDATE FEBRUARY 20 / 2023: Minor update, Shipping worldwide to most cities is a new kind of normal now with typical disruptions, similar to pre-covid really. There are some delays due to various issues like transport and weather but these se …