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Custom Embroidered Patches - Easy As 1 2 3

Wizard Patch Custom Embroidered Badges & Patches Made Easy!



Custom Embroidered Patches at WizardPatch™ easy as...1-2-3

1. Contact us to email your design via our contact page, specify what your looking to achieve and any concerns or special instructions you may have. Give us an idea of size, colors, how many badges you require, or simply send us a design to open discussion on it and see what we can create for you! Want to get started fast, then head straight here!! Upload your design today.

2. We will get straight back to you with cost and design specifications. Once you agree and place your order we will then provide a concept to you, this is known as a "Proof of Concept" (POC). The POC is a digitized version of your design so that you can see how the finished embroidered patch will look. You may wish for us to revise this but most often we "nail the brief" first time and once you are happy with this POC only then will we will go ahead and embroider your patches. Satisfaction Guaranteed always.

3. We make your awesome new patches and dispatch them within 24 to 48 hours, that's fast!! Once again, we guarantee your satisfaction!

Some other examples of our work! We live for this! 


Seriously....Why would you settle for anything less than perfect?
With Wizard Patch™ you can have the best quality available and it does not cost a fortune for better skill and better materials, let us show you how! Image above showing a comparison of our  "typical" work and the reason why we stand behind our "Buy It For Life Guarantee!" Accurate design of your logos and the tightest stitching you will ever see!
6 Reasons why you should choose Wizard Patch for your next project!

1. We constantly Research and Develop (R&D). We the first and only embroidery company to patent our very own PolyBak™ Core technology on the majority of our Rocker Patches re subject to the elements. Our PolyBak™ Patches have a polypropylene core which is water resistant and will stand the test of time, in all weather conditions, and makes our Rocker Patches look superb, firm, smooth and with virtually no wrinkle or distortion. Something the competition simply can't offer! Our Custom rocker patches are the best you'll find. 

2. Our tightest stitch count per cm is far greater than any other company. Nothing compares to our finished product. Try us and see for yourself, money back if you disagree!

3. The materials we use are far superior. We do not use cheap threads. Our threads are all fully imported as are the majority of materials we use, and only the strongest and highest quality materials are permitted as per our long life patch guarantee.

4. The service and turn around time we offer, is simply un-matched. We offer 12 -48 hour turn around times and our digital embroidery machines work 24 hours a day with just 3 days rest each year. With over 45 years in the embroidery trade, how and why would you trust your works to any one else? The answer is always Wizard Patch™ .

5. Your satisfaction is important to us, so all of our products are backed by the Wizard Patch™ 100% IRON CLAD MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Not happy with our products, send it back no questions asked. If your not happy then neither are we!

6. Finally....we only make patches and badges, we are not involved in making embroidered shirts, caps or other products. We are badge and patch professionals, its what we do, its ALL we you can be 100% certain that if you need the best badges and patches, you have just found the best and most professional badge and patch manufacturer online. WizardPatch™...Look no further!

Wizard has you covered with a no fuss Guarantee!


Introducing Patented PolyBak™ Core Technology
Made from 100% Recycled and modified Polypropylene.
Modified specifically for our embroidery purposes.
Wizard Patch PolyBak embroidered patch backing


We offer a complete range of high quality thread and material colours,(shown below is our basic range). 

There are literally 1000's of thread colours available so if the colour you require is not shown in our basic range we can certainly organise it for you, its easy!

We also have a great selection of "in house" biker rocker designs, many sizes and styles. See below our new WizardPatch™ Colour Reference Guide.

NEW Wizard Patch material thread colour chart for custom australian made embroidered biker vest high quality patches



We have our own brand line of MC patches and other biker patches, along with many other designs, so we know everything there is to know about creating something unique. Embroidery is our specialty and its what we do best, give us a try today! We welcome any and all who wish for us to manufacture their very own custom patches and/or clothing. We have a number of custom options available at present but if you don't see the option that suits you, please be sure to inquire our response times are super fast! Want to know more about our fantastic embroidery services and what we can do for you, simply read on.....

WizardPatch™ can design and manufacture absolutely any embroidered badge or patch. There are almost no limits as to what we can achieve, and unlike other companies we wont turn you away and discard your design into the 'too hard' basket just because it may appear complicated, we love a challenge! Need company apparel made, or any other promotional item? Let us handle it all for you, we'll take the worry out of the entire process and provide you with an end result which will leave you, and your clients, speechless. At WizardPatch™ we aim to please.
Read the guide below so you can get a better idea of the steps involved in creating your own custom work.

Concept: Every Patch starts with a theme or an event to commemorate, or a brand ID. A good design should convert that into a graphic which translates the message across to your audience. Simplicity is one of the best approaches. Too many details can over crowd a design and case confusion, along with the patch looking overly 'busy'. One needs to keep in mind that this is design by stitches, and a busy array of stitches actually can create a messy finished product. Trust in the Wizard to create the perfect patch for you! 

Design: Prepare a rough sketch, or send a logo, a letterhead, photo, or sample emblem. Vector art is the best. If you already have your art or image and know what you want, why not stop here and just head straight to our custom page and simply choose a maximum width or height size that you require, and we'll do the rest! Click here for our large 12 x 12 back patch listing to get started now!
Indicate the colors of your design or by coloring in your sketch, describe your design in detail. Our Design and Development department will interpret your ideas into a graphics.

Determining Shape: Some commonly used shapes for patches aside from centre logos, are rectangle, square, diamond, triangle, oval and round. Your design is not limited to the shapes listed here; feel free to consider other shapes to your needs, we'll custom make any shape or just follow your design flow to achieve the best look!

Deciding on Size: The size for your patch is determined by its intended use: For Ball Caps- 2-1/2" to 3-1/2". For a shoulder patch or a chest patch - 3-1/2" to 5". For the Back patches usually 6" x 10" to 8" x 12". If your design is not very wide but it is long, even 14" is a good size for a back patch. Contact us and we'll guide you on this.

Lettering: The smallest used size of the letters, too keep the writing legible, is a 1/4" tall. Letters smaller than 1/4" will not be legible, of course larger is no problem. Allow room for the best result. If words seem cramped, consider abbreviation, example: NORTHERN IRELAND becomes N. IRELAND. Block letters are most common and work the best. However, most Fonts of your choice of lettering can be reproduced, YOUR IN CONTROL!

Picking Colors: Select contrasting colors for a more dramatic and beautiful emblem is important. If light color lettering or design elements are desired, then select a dark background color. Use dark lettering or designs on a light background. Using a variety of colors will greatly add to the appearance of your emblem. Up to nine colors and one twill (background) color can be selected in to your design without incurring extra charges. But we suggest not to use more than four colors in one patch. Go to our price list and determine the cost of your emblems. From there simply email us your sketch or description. You will find e-mail directions on our contact page, you may also use the chat service in the left side bar.

Once you email us with all of the necessary details regarding your design, we will advise you by email of the total cost including shipping, and once agreed an invoice will be sent to you so that you may pay via Credit Card or Paypal. Remember, at WizardPatch™ the more you make the cheaper they get. Manufacture times are usually just 24 to 48 hours after the approval of your production sample image (mock up) we send you and also dependent on quantity ordered. Your products will then be shipped by Priority courier which is usually just 2 - 4 days to most countries via our DHL Courier. To find out more about shipping please see our
Shipping page.



 Types of Patches are described below, remember to contact us if you require further details!

Standard Backing is popular, we usually use new PolyBak™ Technology, you can simply sew your patches on and they are great in any weather conditions, superb for bikers or Patches that will be used outdoors. The embroidered patch finished product quality is also far better using PolyBak™ Technology. We can also add iron-on backings to your patch, although nothing is as good as sewing your patches or Badges on, and its a lot easier!

Patch Edge Finishes

Satin Stitch Edge borders are the the most popular finish for border edging on embroidered badges and patches. They are hard wearing and a long lasting perfect edge for any embroidered badge or patch. Thickly stitched edging that wraps around the edge of the patch, stopping the fabric from coming away at the edges, and can be a great guide line for you when attaching your badges.
We can also laser cut edges when the outer edge of a patch is complex. No job is too difficult for us.

Badge Thread Colors

We will always use embroidery threads and materials that match closest with your design provided, even after providing a proof to you, changes can be made at any time prior to manufacture.
We can also offer metallic threads, these give a 'bright' effect finish, and can highlight a small part, or all of your design. Available in silver, gold, bronze, and a pewter finish. In addition to this we have a great range of Hi-Vis Fluro colors and if you are looking for that "Glow in the Dark" feature then you have come to the right place, we've got fantastic high quality Madeira threads that glow bright and glow for long periods of time!
The possibilities are almost endless. Contact us for further details.