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How to Iron-On

Ironing embroidered badges onto fabric (not leather) is a great way to add a personal touch to your clothing or accessories. Here are the general steps to follow:

  1. Preheat your iron to the temperature suitable for the fabric you'll be ironing onto. Typically cotton.

  2. Place the fabric or item of clothing on a flat and sturdy surface, like an ironing board or table.

  3. Arrange the embroidered badges on the fabric in the desired position and get a general idea of the area you will be fixing your badge to. At this point, pre-heating the fabric is a good idea, so iron it over a few times to get it nice and warm, hot even. Then place your badge back down in the exact area you want it.

  4. Cover the badges with a thin cloth or a pressing cloth (in most cases we supply you with a special Teflon sheet) to prevent direct heat and avoid damaging the embroidery.

  5. Place the hot iron on the cloth/pressing cloth and hold it in place for about 10-15 seconds. Apply firm pressure and move the iron in a circular motion, making sure to iron over the entire surface of the badge.

  6. Lift the iron and allow the fabric to cool down for a few seconds.

  7. Turn the garment inside out and then using your cloth or Teflon paper we provided, repeat the iron-on process on the back of the badge, get it nice and hot. Leave it for at least 1 minute or until it cools.

  8. Check the edges of the badge to ensure they're fully adhered. If any parts of the badge are still loose, repeat step 7 until it's fully adhered.

  9. Once the badge is fully adhered, remove the pressing cloth and let the fabric cool right down completely before handling.

It's worth noting that some embroidered badges may require slightly different ironing temperatures or duration, so be sure to check the instructions that came with your badges if possible. Additionally, if you're unsure about how a fabric will react to heat or if the badges are particularly delicate, you may want to test the ironing process on a small, inconspicuous area first. We do not recommend ironing badges on to leather, stick to garments made from cotton or similar, like denim for example.

We hope this has article has been useful. If you have further questions or concerns feel free to let us know! Contact us here.