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Wizard Patch™ Shipping to most countries worldwide!

We offer Standard and Expedited shipping services to most countries worldwide. Shipping is calculated automatically by our system and is based on the following factors;

  1. Your country and city post code you enter at checkout,
  2. The speed and type of service you require us to ship your order with,
  3. The value of your shopping cart as in most cases the freight becomes cheaper for higher value shopping carts. In some cases shipping is FREE.
  4. Note: UK & EU customs charges may now apply due to the new Brexit Tax laws introduced Jan 1st 2021 and EU customs value thresholds being removed. Contact us if unsure.

 Each and every packet we send locally or internationally is traceable online for a risk free perfect shopping experience. At Wizard Patch™ we believe in giving you total peace of mind. 

 Best Advice! During these times shipping rates are changing very often. Therefore, we suggest that for accurate shipping rates to your city that you add an item to the shopping cart and enter your postal code and destination country for the best and most accurate up to date shipping rates available. Thank you.

NB:Weekends, Public holidays and / or national days are not counted as normal work days. Post, Couriers and Global Mail, as a rule DO NOT deliver on weekends or holidays, please factor this in when deciding on the shipping method you require.

For us to accurately ship your order, kindly ensure Full shipping addresses including City, Zip/Postal codes are completed and supplied correctly upon submission of your order. Please notify us immediately should your address or any other details be incorrect as re-shipping your product is a cost worn by the purchaser should the address prove un-deliverable.

UK & EU Duties / Import Tax changes from July 1st 2021

Kindly Note: For our valued customers in the UK & the EU, as of Jan 1st 2021 (UK) and July 1st 2021 (EU) there are no longer any free thresholds to duty, and VAT is due and payable on any and all order values no matter what the amount. Due to the lack of information from UK & EU customs and added to this a very complex approach to VAT duty payments, we have decided not to become part of this new scheme at this time (possibly in the future) and will not participate in the collection of VAT duty from our customers. Therefore, it is important to note that you may and most likely will be asked to pay duty by your local customs and/or postal agencies prior to delivery of your goods. Because of this, you may receive an email from us once your order is received and it is important that you reply to this email from us which will be an acknowledgement from you about these VAT fees and charges along with your acceptance of said VAT fees. Please contact us if you have any questions regarding this issue as we are more than happy to help where we can in assisting you with your order shipping.

Certain countries around the globe have strict controls over imports and exports especially regarding the taxes, fees and charges for both. By using this website, and making purchases, you agree and understand that you will be responsible for, and abide by, the customs agencies in your country with regards to the payment of any fees, charges, taxes or duties of any kind, which are either a direct or indirect result of the importation of your purchase on the WizardPatch™ site. You also further agree to hold harmless WizardPatch™ and its officers, of any charges or fees that result in the receipt of your goods within the destination country, by you or anyone acting on behalf of you, the purchaser. Furthermore, the fees and / or charges payable, are a direct and sole responsibility of the purchaser (you), and your purchase from our site is proof that you have read these and accept these terms regarding import duties and / or taxes. WizardPatch™ will not accept any return or claim of any kind as a direct or indirect result of duties or fees paid / payable in the receivers / purchasers country. For information regarding duties in your country please follow this link here and select your region. 

Please see our F.A.Q. page for any questions not answered here, all other inquiries and/or suggestions please direct via our contact page.