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Quality, Embroidered Badges Made for Life

Posted by Paul Andrew on 20th Feb 2023

Hello All,

As we move solidly into 2023 it seems every weekend is a good excuse for a ride! Who really needs an excuse anyway.

The last few years has been a blur to say the least. Due to Covid in one way or the other, many of us have lost good friends and loved ones and made new friends along the way as well. There is absolutely no doubt that we have endured what will most likely be one of the most challenging periods in our lifetime. One thing that resonates with myself and, the team here at Wizard Patch, is the importance of staying together and understanding what really matters. The last few years has taught us that it has never been more important to, support and understand one another, and that this support is key to survival.

We have managed to keep our doors open, and through the support of our many customers who we proudly call our friends, we have been able in turn to continue supporting you. You have demanded a higher spec product and over the last 20 years we have placed great emphasis on our research and development to produce longer lasting products that will stand the test of time. Often people go out and try to find the cheapest product they can because for many realistically speaking, cost can be an issue, we get that.

We do however believe that you deserve a better quality product that will stand the test of time. Its your design after all and your going to spend the time and money having it sewn to your vest or jacket, and it should be for life. Its no simple task removing a patch or badge that fails after time, and its costs money to replace not to mention the damage to your favorite vest or jacket every time you have to go thru this process. Buying from Wizard Patch ensures you are getting a quality product first time, that you simply attach once, and your set. We know badges, its all we do, we are experts at making genuine quality embroidered biker and club patches.

Just like the quality bikes you ride (see pic below while i enjoy the ride), and the quality helmet you wear, your patches and embroidered badges are no different. They make up who you are and are in fact a direct representation of you and what you stand for. Your making a statement everywhere you go. Its a great feeling for someone to see your logo and your rockers, and have them approach you to comment on how great they look, how balanced they are and how they are so much better than the other badges they have seen. Years of experience have created this. Trust us to bring you this feeling everywhere you go. Trust Wizard Patch to continue supporting you and your club, your crew and your friends just as you continue to support us. We guarantee everything we make, everything we do. Its got to be perfect or we just wont ship it out. The team at Wizard Patch all ride, we live the same life, so we understand what it means and what it takes.

As always I welcome your comments and requests. Contact myself or the team at any time with your embroidered rocker, vest or jacket patch ideas, we will be glad to help.

Now with that information, enjoy your ride, keep it safe, rubber side down my friends!



Wizard Patch Lead Designer