Q. What forms of payment do you accept?

A. Via our Secure Eway Credit Card Gateway we currently accept payment via Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, JCB and Diners Club cards. We offer the best online protection for customers and sellers that we can find anywhere on the internet. Every single transaction is checked and authenticated, so our fraud detection is well above the normal required, not to mention our strict control of personal data which ensures you peace of mind. Read more about our payment processor here!

Q. My payment won't work, or I received an error, or I'm not sure if it worked, can you help?
A. Yes We Can. If you experience any issues while processing a payment for your order, simply contact us and advise what error or issue you are receiving /having. We will check initially to see if your payment actually went through, we can see this directly from our merchant terminal. If your payment was not processed, we can certainly do it manually and the issue resolved within minutes so please don't hesitate to contact us at any time, we're here to help and get you sorted on the day! 

Q. My payment with your credit card processor was declined, why, and is there anything I can do?
A. Declines can happen for a variety of reasons. Firstly, please check with your bank to ensure your card is activated for international purchases, as with many card issuers, they restrict this feature until you call them to have it lifted! When our processor submits a charge to your bank, they have automated systems that determine whether or not to accept the charge. These systems take various signals into account, such as your spending habits, account balance, and card information like the expiration date and CVC. Since these signals are constantly changing, a previously successful card might be declined in the future. Even if all of the card information is correct, and you previously had a successful payment, a future charge can still be declined by any bank’s overzealous fraud systems. If your Credit card payment was declined, feel free to try our other payment option, Paypal, you may still be able to use your card there as they have different approval criteria. Contact us if you need further assistance, we can help. 

Q. I received an error when paying, can you help?
A. Yes we can help in some situations so please do contact us. There are some situations where we are unable to help though, and they would be for errors that require you to contact your bank. 
Q. Are you linked with eBay or do I need my eBay account?
A. No you do not need an eBay account. If you find one of our products on eBay, its not being sold by us! 

Q. In what currency are your prices shown?
A. Our items listed are all in AUD (AUSTRALIAN Dollars), we do however, accept all major credit cards, and various currencies via our Secure Payment Gateway. So just about wherever you reside, we'll be able to take your currency denomination. If you would like to know what your currency value is in respect to AUD you can always use the currency calculator at www.xe.com thank you. 

Q. The duties in my country are quite high, is there any way you can put a lower value on the goods you ship to me?
A. We insure all goods that leave our offices so to undervalue goods would mean the insured values would be undervalued also which puts you solely at risk of loss. In order to avoid that, and comply with current import duty laws, we do not undervalue goods or generate low value invoices. It is your responsibility as the buyer to pay all duties and / or import taxes, fees etc associated with the purchase and delivery of your products. Its also part of the term of Use on our site here at Wizard Patch which you would have agreed to in order to effect a successful purchase / payment through our checkout. For information regarding duties in your country please follow this link here and select your region. 

Q. I want to return a product I bought from you, and it qualifies for return as per your terms, so can I get a refund on the tax or duty I paid to my customs?
A. Most likely the answer is yes. If you have paid duty on an item, but wish to return that item, simply contact your local customs authority, and follow the procedures in order to claim the Duty back that you have paid. We cannot guarantee every country's customs authority will grant this, but generally speaking, most will. For example, customers in the United Kingdom may visit this page for more information, click here: http://webarchive.nationalarchives.gov.uk/+/http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/vat/sectors/consumers/goods-imported.htm#8

Q. I did not receive an email after my payment, what should I do?
If you have made a purchase, and do not receive any email notification, then please check your Spam or Junk mail folder first, it may have ended up there, please also check the way you entered your email address to ensure it is correct, you may have missed a character! If you have verified the email you entered was correct and still cannot see any email from either our payment processor or the Paypal team, please check with your Banking Institution or Paypal account directly to ensure your transaction has indeed been processed. If you did not receive our WizardPatch™ Payment email notification, kindly contact us to confirm your order, also adding us to you safe senders and receivers list is a good idea to ensure prompt delivery of all electronic mail.

Q. I cannot see my custom choices in the checkout page, did something go wrong?
A. Not at all. Your choices are there, it is just a viewing limitation by the checkout item summary box window in the checkout. It is not designed to show so many fine details such as colors, custom wording etc and many of our listings have up to 8 different options! Rest assured your choices are there, and after your payment is complete you will receive an email showing all of the choices you have made, all the custom input, the colors, wording, material colors, sizes etc etc. If you do not receive an email, or not sure of the choices, or simply curious, please contact us and we'll be glad to assist. If there are any incomplete selections, or we feel you have made an error in your selections, we will always hold your order and confirm with you first.

Q. Is your checkout secure?
A. Yes absolutely. Fully encrypted and secure purchasing is assured by our state of the art systems as issued by our merchant gateways, Strip Payments, and Paypal.

Q. Why is there a 1+ next to my item in checkout and the shopping cart, is this a size or am i only buy 1 item?
A. Its not size, its a product nu,mber in a category. To explain, as we sell products that become cheaper with higher quantities, we have systems in place that automatically group multiple items of the same category to ensure you are given the best bulk purchasing discounts possible. If you see a 1+, this quite simply means only 1 product from 1 category has been added to the cart, and no other product in the cart is also from that category, ie: a leather vest, and a patch, will both show 1+ as they are from two different categories. Try adding two different products from the same category and you will see it changes to 2+ and gives you a nice discount for purchasing in bulk. 3+, 4+ and so on.


Q. The product on your website is similar to what I want but not exact, any chance you can source the one I want?
A. To put it simply, we'll do our absolute best! If there is anything on our site which is 'close, but no cigar' as they say, just advise us and we will endeavour to get the exact product your after. We aim to please!

Q. I purchased custom made rockers and patches from your site, and I want to return them, how can I do this?
A. Unfortunately Wizard Patch™ does not accept returns on items/patches or otherwise that have been custom made specifically for you and are simply "unwanted"....... "unless" however the custom products we supplied are defective and/or otherwise incorrect and obviously a fault of our own doing. This includes all custom designs, custom patches, custom rockers and custom clothing. Its simply not returnable because it has been made especially for you at your request and we cannot simply turn around and re-sell the item to recover our costs,.Your purchase from our site is proof you agree to these terms as set out. If you require more information please contact us. Full terms may be viewable from our Terms of Use page on this website.

Q. Can you copy an MC clubs colors, like the 'Hell's Angels' for example?
A. Absolutely not. Generally a question to us of this nature will simply be deleted without a reply. We do not copy or manufacture any known MC club colors. We don't sell them, we won't make them. This includes, but not limited to, clubs such as The Hell's Angels, The Rebels, Banditos, just to name a few. We stand firm on this and anyone attempting to manufacture these, wear / sell and / or supply outside of the appropriate channels should think twice, and then think twice again. Please respect the clubs and the colors they wear. In most cases they are also Trademarked "™" or 'R' registered with respective rights owners pursuing vigilantly any who choose to copy or reproduce in any way their legally owned branding. This is not to mention the obvious health issues associated with trying to rip off or obtain known 1% outlaw club colors, much worse than smoking we assure you. If you want the colors, then member up!

Q. Your prices are really good, are you sure they are new?
A. Absolutely everything we sell is Brand New and we never sell previously owned patches or apparel unless otherwise clearly stated, we buy in bulk and / or manufacture this way, so we can pass on the savings to you, our most very valued customers.

Q. I am a re-seller or wholesaler, can am I able to buy product at wholesale rates?
A. Yes you can, there are a few questions we would like to know about you first. Please see our wholesale / re-seller section, the link can also be found in the footer of this page or simply contact us with your enquiry.

Q. I want to copy something that is trademarked by another company and I don't own the rights to it, but will you replicate it for me anyway?

A. Unfortunately not. We are able to make designs that are similar, and if the design you wish to make is altered enough so that it does not appear the same as a current image and would not confuse any other person who would be looking for said brand, either offered elsewhere or not, then we can look closer at making this for you. However, if it is a copyrighted or trademarked design, we simply cannot mirror it unless it is you that holds the rights for the design/brand in question. Please also understand that simply making minor changes to current registered works is not a way around copyright, as elements within a copyrighted drawing or artwork are copyright so even using those elements would be a violation of that copyrighted work.

Q. What shipping services do you offer, and what are their times?
A. We ship from Sydney Australia using via the following methods, fully insured and Traceable on-line.
DHL/UPS Air couriers at 2-4 days Insured Priority ( up to 8 days in some remote areas )
Registered ID recorded / insured Air approx 12-21 working days

Local within Australia
Australia Post registered 2 - 7 days Trackable and Insured 
Australia Express Post next day / DHL, 1-2 days to most areas


Q. Do you ship to every Country in the world?
A. We ship worldwide however,we currently do not ship to BRAZIL, IRAQ, LEBANON, FRANCE, SOUTH AMERICA, HONG KONG, MACAU, ISRAEL or CHINA
WizardPatch™ reserves the right to refuse shipping to certain parts of the world.

Q. Can you ship to P.O. Box addresses?
A. Unfortunately we no longer ship to P.O. Box's or APO's etc. This is because we use door to door couriers for our logistics, and they will only deliver to addresses that are able to be sign received by a physical person at the point of delivery. No exceptions unfortunately, but rest assured this is a very secure method of delivery and 99% of our customers have rated our shipping services very highly for speed and security.

Q. Why is my Daytime contact number needed?
A. Again as above, as we ship via Air Couriers, they require your contact number to be written on the shipping document. We do not call you at all, unless we are trying to confirm your purchase or there may be suspicious circumstances relating to the transaction and we merely wish to protect our customers and account holders by making a general call to you to confirm it was you that purchased. Our Couriers will not receive our shipments if we do not have the contact number for the receiver completed. This is mainly necessary should the receiver (you) not be at home to signature receive the item at the time, in which case, they will call you to arrange a time convenient to re-deliver. See our Privacy page for more on what we do with your information.

Q. I need my purchase fast, can you ship it overnight?
A. Almost....Our fastest shipping is via our DHL Express Priority. Its a 2 - 4 day service. Of course there is never any guarantee that an item will make it on time, that's out of our hands, but our DHL Priority service has proved very efficient and reliable, certainly worth the extra money if you need an item fast. 

Q. I want to return the product I purchased, will you accept it back and refund my money?
A. Generally speaking we accept returns in some cases but in the case of all CUSTOM made products they are NOT returnable unless they are made incorrectly or faulty, and we will then remake that order. Simply no longer wanting the item does not constitute a valid reason for return. All purchases are covered by our Satisfaction and Buy it for Life Guarantee's so in the event it is felt that a product is unacceptable, then we welcome customers to contact us if they have concerns about their purchase. WizardPatch™ will work with each and every customer in order to reach an mutually beneficial outcome. Please note however, WizardPatch™ does not refund the shipping in any case unless the item was faulty, in which case we would refund your original purchase amount. Shipping times are also not guaranteed and WizardPatch™ does not accept any liability for losses due to the late arrival of items. We will however cover goods that fail to arrive as all items shipped by WizardPatch™ are fully covered. Please view our Return Policy here for further information.

Q. I tried to track my order, but tracking information shows it still in your country, is something wrong?
A. Most often, with standard shipping, we notice that the local postal outlets really lag behind when it comes to updating their website tracking information. Feel free to contact us should you have any concerns but we assure you this is normal with the standard shipping service. The items however are usually delivered within their allocated times, so there is really no need for concern. If your item was shipped via Courier, such as DHL, FedEx or another Priority courier then this may be an issue so please contact us, we will follow this up for you. 

Q. I paid for FEDEX 2 day shipping, why did i get a partial refund of my shipping fee?
A. In some cases FEDEX 2 day shipping is not available to your city, they simply do not have that service to the postal code you provided. In this case, we will choose the second fastest method of shipping available to us, usually no more than 2 days longer, and in this case we will refund to the purchaser the shipping difference. This difference is the amount paid, less the balance of the 'actual' shipping cost. WizardPatch™ prides itself from selling great products, and not making money of shipping fees, its our promise to you.

Q. How do I track my order?
A. After we ship your item, you should receive an email confirmation of "status change". This email will provide you will all the tracking and link details you will need. If you missed this email please contact us and we can resend it for you. There is an even better way however, please visit our ORDER TRACKING PAGE HERE!
In addition, please see below the typical links for tracking items.

For tracking Registered Standard mail;
To the USA please visit; www.usps.com

To Canada please visit; www.canadapost.ca
To Australia please visit; auspost
To rest of the world; intmail

For Tracking Via Priority Courier;
world wide DHL; www.dhl.com
worldwide FEDEX; FEDEX

For Tracking Via FEDEX 2 Day Platinum;
worldwide FEDEX; FEDEX
Q. Do I need to pay any duties or taxes when my order arrives?
A. Quite possibly yes. Every country has a different threshold for the amount of duty they can claim from your order / import. For example, Australia has a threshold of $1000.00 This means, if you order a product from overseas, and have it shipped to you from say America to Sydney Australia, you may be liable to pay duty to customs officials if the invoiced amount was $1000.00 or more. If the item was $990.00 or less, no duty will be demanded. This is due to the threshold that the Australian government adheres to. Other countries have their own thresholds, some will charge taxes on any amount, so please do check if you are unsure. Please also understand that it is a legal requirement for WizardPatch to duly note all amounts paid and that all invoice amounts must be correct for customs clearance. It is against the law to declare lower values for imports. Our terms page also states this, and furthermore your purchase from our website ensures and proves you agree to these said terms. In addition, should you refuse to accept a delivery from us via one of our couriers due to any duties you may not want to pay, and the item is subsequently returned to us, we will refund the item cost only, less any and all shipping and associated costs in getting the item to you, and then the return of the item back to us. So please think carefully about refusing a purchase based on your change of mind due to duty/s payable in your country. It may just work out more expensive to refuse the item!

Q. Are my personal details safe?
A. Absolutely. All information is kept on a secure server and the only information kept is that which we feel may improve your next shopping experience whilst improving our customer service to you. In fact, our sales and admin departments are the only areas that can access information within our establishment, and each member is logged whenever they view profile details. We run a tight ship so you can rest assured your information and details are perfectly secure. See our Privacy section for more details.

Q. I have a problem with your website, what should I do?
A. Please contact us via our contact page and we will see to it that a webmaster replies to you and/or corrects the issue within 24 hours. Generally the latest browsers such as IE8 and Firefox should have no issues viewing our site although Google Chrome is the preferred browser. Many other browsers are also compatible but in saying that there are some that are not, so please keep that in mind. We do however appreciate any issues being brought to our immediate attention and sincerely thank you for taking the time in doing so.

Q. Do you operate 7 days a week, and what times?
A. We work 6 days a week generally Mon - Sat, but in some seasons we may work a full 7 days a week to keep up with demand. Our time zone in Sydney is Australian Eastern Standard Time or AEST. Please allow a little time for us to respond should your enquiry fall on a Sunday and out of hours. All questions and enquiries are replied to (unless they are spam or asking us to copy another product), and the most time it will take is 4 - 8 hours for a reply. If you do not receive a reply from us within this time then we unfortunately never received your initial request in which case please check your message box for a returned message and / or attempt contact again.

Q. Help, my question is not answered here, what should I do?
A. Please contact us with your inquiry we'll be glad to help and our response times are super fast! You may also contact us via the chat live help line available most days. If offline simply use this to leave a message about your inquiry.

wizard patch is happy to answer any of your questions, contact us today!

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