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BANDANA WEARING EVIL SKULL AND YOUR CHOICE OF BANDANA COLOUR! This is a full size 10" High Back Patch and you may select your bandana color pref from the drop down! These patches may be sewn or ironed on and are "embroidered" not printed. Made right here in Australia using the most sophisticated digital embroidery you will ever see. SKULL WEARING BANDANA© 2014 Make no mistake, if your looking for high quality patches and badges, your journey ends here.

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We Guarantee your satisfaction with every Wizard Patch™ order. We want you back often so it is in our own best interests to ensure you get the best service, products and overall treatment we can offer. We aim to please and offer our Iron Clad Warranty! If your not happy with the quality of our products or service, let us know immediately so we can correct this for you! Note that we do not recommend that you iron on patches to leather materials or those similar to leather. We do warrant our quality of work so if you have a genuine problem with any work we have done, don't delay, let us know right away! See our warranty page for full details about this and more!

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  • So does the patch fully work as an iron on? I’ve purchased many “iron in” patches and half the patch holds and the other half doesn’t.

    Thanks for contacting us about our iron on embroidered badge and patches. In short, the answer is yes these work as iron on. Without knowing the quality of the badges you bought, the amount of active iron on backing that was applied or the way in which you applied them i'm afraid i could not possibly comment on your experiences but it most likely is not enough heat if only one side stuck down, as i find it hard to believe they made the badge backing half good and half not so good.... We do not over heat the glue when we make our badges so there is a good amount of active glue on the back of our badges which allows great contact to most surfaces as long as the badges are applied professionally using professional heat press or hot iron equipment. I will say though in our experience, iron on is never a forever permamant fix for badges that get a lot of work or roughly handled no matter how good the glue is or how well the item is applied and we do prefer to sew badges on. We offer all of our customers free Teflon paper if they ask for it, this is also a good thing to use during the iron on process. Contact us for more info if you need to via our contact page, thanks!