Paul Andrew


Hi Guys 'n Gals!

Firstly let me take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your awesome continued support over the past months and many years. I've had a chance to really get to know a lot of you when I jump in to design your embroidered patches, hope you all like the work I do and the end results! Anyway let it be known that I honestly enjoy working on your projects, getting to know you 'all ', and your clubs.

For many of you, buying small items from the store is fine if your local in Australia, but for our dear friends and supporters throughout the globe the cost of freight can be, on occasion, a little high.

I've been working closely with the Postal Company here and have secured some better rates. I've had to work the deal though, they didn't come about easy and big things are expected from us, but I know its going to be better for all involved if we just found some cheaper freight right?!! Well I think the new options online are going to please many of you, if not all.

Previously to the USA, Canada, and the UK, and much of the EU for that matter, only had access to our Priority rates, which are pretty good to be honest. But from the feedback I have had from many of you, waiting a little longer and a cheaper shipping rate is something that some of you can really live with....well it's here...and yes all the rates below are for fully traceable shipping, online, and insured too!

USA / Canada rates start from AUD$10.99 or USD$8.10 , 7- 10 working days arrival.

UK, FRANCE, GERMANY etc, rates start from AUD$11.70 or £6.68 or €7.89 , 7- 10 working days arrival.

New Zealand rates start from AUD$10.50 , 7- 10 working days arrival.

BELGIUM, DENMARK, HUNGARY,  POLAND etc rates start from AUD$12.45 or €8.40 , 7- 10 working days arrival.

All price conversions from AUD into international currencies are correct as of today's rates of exchange. Free Shipping on all orders over $100AUD remains in place, no change to that.

As always, we are constantly striving for more competitive shipping rates to compliment our own products and services. I welcome any and all questions should you have them.

Thanks for reading!



Paul Andrews



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Seriously, Why would you go any where else for your embroidered patches I ask!

Paul Andrew

Hi All!

I get amazed on a daily basis with the types of images that come thru. We were asked to make a "Dream Roads" patch "better" by one of our customers. I took one look at what he had done locally in the USA and thought, what the....? It was my pleasure to take his logo and make it better just to prove that there are a few of us "real creative embroiderers" out there. 

Seriously....Why would you settle for this?........image below from other embroiderer
When at Wizard Patch™ you can have this! Image below showing our typical work and the reason why we stand behind our "Buy It For Life Guarantee!" Accurate design of your logos and the tightest stitching you will ever see!
"Top 5" reasons why you wouldn't want to go anywhere else for your patches!

1. We use our own PolyBak™ Core technology on the majority of our Patches, mainly Biker Rocker patches which are subject to the elements. Our PolyBak™ Patches have a polypropylene core which is water resistant and will stand the test of time, in all weather conditions, and makes our Rocker Patches look superb, firm, smooth and with virtually no wrinkle or distortion, something the competition simply can't offer! These are the best rocker patches you'll find. 

2. Our tightest stitch count per cm is far greater than any other company. Nothing compares to our finished product. Try us and see for yourself, money back if you disagree!

3. The materials we use are far superior. We do not use cheap threads. Our threads are all fully imported as are the majority of materials we use, and only the strongest and highest quality materials are permitted as per our long life patch guarantee.

4. The service and turn around time we offer, is simply un-matched. We offer 12 -48 hour turn around times and our digital embroidery machines work 24 hours a day with just 3 days rest each year. With over 45 years in the embroidery trade, how and why would you trust your works to any one else? The answer is always Wizard Patch™ .

5. Your satisfaction is important to us, so all of our products are backed by the WizardPatch™ 100% IRON CLAD MONEY BACK GUARANTEE. Not happy with our products, send it back no questions asked.

 Visit this page to learn more about why you should choose the Wizards!

So for all your biker patch, club patch, patches and badges, logos and the like, for motorcycles, clubs, any organisation private or business, we will always strive to go above and beyond the norm and certainly never settle for anything second best or average. We Guarantee your satisfaction with every order!

Thanks for reading everyone, we are always here to serve.

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