Important - Wizard Patch Official Response to COVID-19

Paul Andrew

Dear Valued Customers,

Firstly we would just like to assure you that it really is business "almost" as usual here. I say almost because there are many things we are doing behind the scenes to ensure all of our staff remain healthy and understand the seriousness of maintaining a healthy working environment.

Rest assured, Wizard Patch have systems implemented to ensure all staff are protected, and so to is the environment in which manufacture is conducted. Though in order to keep staff isolated to a degree, we have had to cut capacity to some machine areas, the feeling is we have really come out on top as we reacted to this issue of isolation and protective manufacturing since mid February. We feel that we have always been a step ahead since the start of this COVID-19 Virus.

I would also like to advise that some of our implementations during this time and to remain in force indefinitely until further notice will be but not limited to:

  • Temperature checking staff upon arrival and leaving of our facility
  • only staff "necessary" in day to day operations will be required to attend the premises
  • most staff will be working remotely, office, design team, etc
  • Increased cleaning and sanitizing of all medium and high traffic areas including but not limited to handles, buttons, switches on fixtures and machinery etc
  • limiting or excluding hand to hand contact between staff
  • special procedures when dealing with deliveries
  • all non essential deliveries of supplies cancelled until further notice
  • all meetings between suppliers, staff, customers, etc are all done via video link, facetime or skype until further notice.

Its clear that this is a world wide game changer but rest assure that all of us here at Wizard patch are up to the challenge and no doubt we are in an exceptional position to carry on business as "almost" usual.

Thank you for reading, thank you for your understanding and your support, stay healthy and as always we are here to answer any questions you may have.


Paul Andrew

Wizard Patch CEO