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Dear Valued Customers,

IMPORTANT - LATEST UPDATE SEPTEMBER 26 / 2020: Shipping worldwide is still a little slower than pre covid times but is much better now and almost normalized to most cities. There are still some delays but we have now introduced a great freight product from DHL which is their fast priority service and this is proving a real winner especially to the EU. We are working as usual and our covid implemented protocols for a clean and safe work environment will continue well into the future. They will become our new normal while we move forward into the future. If you have any questions or concerns, please click to => contact us and you will receive a prompt reply.


03-17-2020 - "Current Impact of COVID-19 on DHL eCommerce Solutions Australia Our flights to Spain and South Korea have been temporarily suspended, effective immediately, we cannot process any shipments for these destinations. US Parcel Direct transit times are currently delayed by two days. Effective 19 March two airlines will suspend their SYD-LAX service, this will impact US Transit Times for all services. We are expecting further service disruptions to all major lanes in the immediate future. Airfreight is reliant on passenger flights, the reduction in passenger flights around the world will cause severe capacity issues for airfreight. DHL eCommerce Solutions is working on different routing and solutions to adapt to these unprecedented challenges, however please expect delays of up to seven business days or more on current transit times."

Kindly note: Due to COVID-19 our shipping rates have adjusted upwards slightly for each country. This is a direct result of the shortage of air cargo flights around the world and the costs associated with this. The slight price increases reflect these current conditions and are passed on to us by our carriers. We will continue to bring you 'at cost' pricing for all shipping  on your orders and please trust that we are following this situation closely and will drop shipping costs as soon as possible. For now, we truly thank you for your continued support of what we do and rest assured we are standing by our FREE SHIPPING deal on all orders $99AUD or above. We are also not able to ship to Italy or France at this time.

While we continue to trade please note the above and kindly factor these extended arrival times into your purchase. At this stage we are seeing 80% of packets arrive on time but as this situation is fluid and changing daily we will expect disruptions to continue and furthermore amplify as days progress. If we see major issues with shipments we will post that information here in our blog so please bookmark our blog for future reference if you have concerns. We are always happy to take your enquiries via our contact page so if you have any doubts please get in touch, we will do our best to resolve as fast as we can.

Thank you for your support and understanding while we move forward through these tough times. 

UPDATE MARCH 19 / 2020: We are seeing some delays into the USA, as many states tighten their borders we are seeing delays of up to 7 work days on most packets within the USA. This is obviously due to tighter controls and we appreciate your understanding during this time. As more information comes to hand, we will update this page. Thank you.

UPDATE MARCH 22 / 2020: We are unable to ship to most of Asia, Iran, Italy and France at this time, but shipping lanes to all other countries are still active. It is business as usual (with some modifications) for the Team here at Wizard Patch. We have most of our team in design and office that are now working from home in a safe environment and the manufacture team work schedules of rotation maintaining a clean and hygienic environment. We thank you for your support and trust that our processes have been adjusted in light of recent events. We are all fine here and see no issues moving forward.

UPDATE MARCH 29 / 2020: We are seeing shipping delays ease and packets seem to be moving smoothly thru most channels. It is still business as "almost" usual for us here at WP and we are maintaining a healthy and isolated environment here in our Sydney Australia Branch. Thank you for your support, rest assured we are still manufacturing and able to supply you with products and services.

UPDATE APRIL 6 / 2020: There are delays into the USA and much of North America at the moment, and we are not able to ship to countries like France, Philippines and Italy. We are also not able to ship to Denmark at this time. There are slight delays on all shipping routes as you can expect as countries tighten and / or lock borders. We thank you for your patience and rest assured that we are following every order tracking event so if there is a problem that we can see, we'll action that immediately by lodging an enquiry with our global logistics partner. For any information not provided here, please contact us via our contact page, we are here to help.

UPDATE APRIL 29 / 2020: We are seeing persistent delays across the globe for delivery of packets, some are 1 month overdue but not lost, still in transit with very few scans. We are monitoring the situation but definitely the entire North Americas has been severely affected with postal disruptions. We would like all of those in the USA and Canada to especially take note of these websites for further information and rest assured we are following all shipments carefully.

Canada Post Updates

UPDATE MAY 05 / 2020:  Processing delays are hampering deliveries within the USA and Canada. There are major delays of up to at least 2 weeks that we can see so far and tracking information is very slow to update. We are monitoring the situation closely but so far no packets are missing, simply delayed. If your delivery is more than 4 weeks overdue please contact us for a personal look into your shipment and in some cases we may need to lodge an enquiry with our shipping partner. Rest assured, all packets we send are covered by insurance in the event a  shipment does go missing. Once again, we are actively monitoring the situation. Your patience is appreciated and our thoughts and prayers go out to all of the families affected by this unprecedented situation.

UPDATE MAY 14 / 2020: Shipping to most countries as extremely slow, we are seeing monthly delays, 5 - 6 weeks in some cases, especially to Canada where Canadian officials have placed their cities into major lock down. The USA is getting better now but still delayed. We are no longer able to ship to Finland or the Netherlands for this time being until further notice. Due to poor service and lack of service,we have also removed the priority express postage option from our website until further notice. Some packets to the EU are being moved on to Sea freight, expect major delays. If you are in a rush for your purchase to arrive, please reconsider your purchase and expectations at this time, there is no express shipping options available at this time, there are large delays.


UPDATE MAY 27 / 2020: Shipping to most countries still slow but definitely getting better. Canada is still the slowest country to ship into. Canadian customs is slow and lock downs are still affecting freight. France, Finland, Italy, Denmark & The Netherlands lanes are back open which is great news for our friends in Europe! Prices have eased  for freight to some countries so we have acted accordingly and reduced the freight costs keeping in line with our "at cost" shipping policy. The USA lane is better now but delays are still being seen as usps tries to clear their backlog. Due to poor service and/or lack of service, we have not re-instated the priority express postage option on our website and it will remain this way until further notice and such time as we see value for money and services return to normal. If you are in a rush for your purchase to arrive, please reconsider your purchase and expectations at this time as there are no express shipping options available at this time.

UPDATE JULY 16 / 2020: Shipping to most countries is now back open. Shipping times to the USA are much better now and we are seeing orders arriving within 14 - 21 days. This is a huge improvement on previous times. There are still transit delays worldwide but the delays are reasonable and not extreme. EU countries and the UK seems to have closer to normal times, and this is possibly due to their reopening of borders and additional flights. Canada still has some delays to most postcodes but again the delays are more relaxed than previous weeks.

UPDATE AUGUST 2ND / 2020: Shipping to most countries is now almost back to normal with small delays to a few countries. Shipping times to the USA have almost returned to pre-covid times now and we are seeing most orders arriving within 10 - 15 work days.Transit delays worldwide still exist due to border controls but as per previous update these are not extreme. EU countries and the UK have the fastest delivery times from we can see now with the exception of Poland, though Poland is starting to reopen now so that is great news. Canada still remains to have delays, and this is partly due to backlogs of freight. Expect continued delays into Canada and we will update this again over the next few weeks or if the situation changes enough to warrant another update.

UPDATE AUGUST 13 / 2020: Shipping to 99% of countries is much better now with some isolated delays to a few countries. Canada still has the longest delays so its best to please add a week to current times displayed in checkout. Shipping times to the USA are good, on average we are seeing packet hit most states in around 10 days. There are some cities with ongoing disruptions that are causing small delays. Most orders are arriving within 10 - 15 work days and the EU deliveries are much better now also.Transit delays worldwide still exist due to border controls but as per previous update these are not extreme. NZ and the UK have the fastest delivery times from we can see now with the exception of Poland. Freight prices have also come down slightly and we have moved our freight prices in relation to this also. We are offering flat rate shipping where available. This is not a cheaper freight product, in fact its better, and we still dispatch worldwide with full tracking and insurance included for our customers peace of mind. If you have any questions or concerns, please click to => contact us and you will receive a prompt reply.